Blim and Main Street Car Free Day present:

Blim Monthly Community Market and Main Street Car-free day

Sunday June 14 | 12 – 6 PM | Free
@ Outside on Main and 17th

Blim will be presenting a monthly Main Street Community Market this month to take place at outside on Main street and 17th from 12–6 PM, and will be in conjunction with Main Street Car-Free Day.

This Months market will include over 50 vendors, live music, hot food, beverages, and entertainment. Vendors will include food, fashion, accessories, supplies, fine art, vintage items and records, and not be limited to crafts, and there will be a focus on nurturing and promoting creative production in our community. We want to appeal to young, old, hip, plain, babies, animals, men, women, everyone.

We are very excited about this event and what it can contribute to Main Street’s artistic vitality, and how it can help support and encourage the local creative community.

Exclusive at BLIM:
basement sweet (jewellery)
Blim (clothing and accessories)
darwin meyers (used vinyl)
Evan McGraw (delicious vegan pastries)(inside BLIM Lounge)
Gldnmilitia (modern and vintage jewellery)
Julia Lemieux (tasty vegan baked goods)(inside BLIM Lounge)
Noel Macul and Daniel Giantomaso (vintage toys and comics)
Open Sesame (homemade gourmet Japanese cuisine)(inside BLIM Lounge)

2 faced trinkets (jewellery)
A Farmers Daughter (accessories)
Anne Emberline (accessories)
Arin Ringwald (art)
Bead Freaks (jewellery)
Bianca Barr (accessories)
Civil Disobediance (clothing and accessories)
Claire Brousseau (accessories)
Crossed Promise Design
Crow Gir (pottery)
Davie and Chiyo (accessories)
Double Trouble Design (paper products)
Frost Collections (jewellery)
Groovy Glass Girl (jewellery)
hand and shadow (clothing)
It’s Your Life (jewellery)
Kaori Kasai (accessories)
Kathryn Slater (accessories)
Laura Eveleigh (accessories)
Leah Shapera (jewellery)
Lynann Colligan (photo)
Mary Kim (art)
Mindan Gunther Moore (jewellery)
Momoko Murakami (pottery)
Monolithic Mailorder (used vinyl and cds)
Novel Essentials (body products)
Phaulet (jewellery)
Poodle Breath (accessories)
Pyramid Power (art culture)
Rad Attack (clothing)
Re-up (jewellery)
Robinson Fine Food (hot gourmet food)
Sachiko Ito (jewellery)
Sassy Vintage (accessories)
Shirt Seed (clothing)
Stephanie Heney (clothing)
Toodlebunny (jewellery)
Wendy Boys (chocholate)
and more!

with hot Japanese snacks by Open Sesame (in the Blim Lounge), live music by Certain Breeds (showtime: 3 pm) and kids entertainment by Oatmeal the Clown (showtime: 2 pm).

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Blim Monthly Community Market