New Blim Mobile (Bandit)

Rainbow Bomb Bandit

Nathan Holiday Selected Works 1978-2011
Nathan Holiday graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art & Design with a diploma in both Interdisci- plinary Studio and Painting. He also graduated from SFU with a BGS degree. While at SFU he had the opportunity to study under and become friends with Ian and Ingrid Baxter of the N.E. Thing Co. Other significant teachers include Ian Wallace, Bill Featherston, Jeff Wall and George Sawchuck, but it was Ian Baxter who made the greatest impact upon him. With this in mind, he dedicates his latest sculpture "Rainbow Bomb Bandit" as a Pop/Op homage to the Baxters.
Nathan Holiday was one of the Canadian pioneers in 3D painting (viewed with 3D glasses), he also was an early exponent of local improvised electronic music as applied to a rock band. Nathan formed the experimental music group Tunnel Canary in 1978; a band considered by many as a prototype for the genre presently referred to as "noise". He prefers to call to his music Punk Opera or Tantric Punk Voo- doo Blues. On opening night he will be performing a solo guitar piece "Part 3 of the Fab Dizzy-R-Us series".